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We are committed to developing trusting relationships with all of our patients. It has never been the goal of the office to herd as many people in and out of the office as possible. This is not the type of office we would choose for ourselves, so the Spine Center does not function this way. It is our goal to understand your personal and very individualized needs and develop a plan to work with you to achieve your personal health goal. This goal may simply be getting out of pain, or it may be something along the lines of wellness and prevention.

Why choose our clinic?

  1. We stay on time and on schedule!! It is very rare that you will have to wait more than 10 minutes in the reception area for a scheduled appointment. We allow walk ins, however cannot guarantee the wait time if you walk in for an appointment.
  2. We are also open until 7:00 pm Monday through Thursday, making it very easy for our patients to come in after work.
  3. We accept most insurances and Medicare, but are also very affordable for the uninsured or patients with high deductibles.
  4. Dr. Kouba has 15 years experience in treating patients with various conditions ranging from lower back pain, sciatic pain, headaches and migraines, neck pain, upper back and shoulder pain to carpal tunnel syndrome. He often deals with lower extremity pain as well and has had much success in the past with helping patients with plantar fasciitis pain as well.

The approach is simple: correct the mechanics, remove any restrictions within the muscles, decrease inflammation, and prevent the problem's return through avoiding its cause and strengthening the involved area.

"I really enjoy teaching and explaining to patients what I do in a hands-on manner. Most patients who come in to the office have heard chiropractic could help them, but don't fully understand how or why, and really appreciate the time we take with them in explaining their problem, the plan to help them, and the plan to prevent its return."

What to expect

The first visit:

After completing the initial intake forms, you will meet with Dr. Kouba for a consultation and exam that will typically last about 15 minutes. After that time, if there are no barriers to beginning treatment such as x-rays or an MRI, your problem will be discussed with you and a decision to start treatment will be made. In almost all cases, you will be adjusted on the first visit. The total time with the doctor will usually be around 30 minutes.

A typical visit:

Generally, a visit with the doctor for an adjustment may include some stretching exercises or (lumbar/cervical) traction to decompress spinal discs if this is your case. Massages are typically scheduled at 30 or 60 minute time intervals before or after your visit with the doctor if this is something you choose or is recommended by Dr. Kouba.

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